Sun Africa is redefining
what it means to be a
clean energy company.

About Sun Africa

As a leading utility-scale solar project developer and off-grid solution provider, our mission is to transform our world and meet its energy needs sustainably. Sun Africa offers a complete solution to either develop a solar project or invest in renewable energy.

Sun Africa brings both
scale and quality.


With technology expertise, development capabilities, and access to capital, Sun Africa and its partners have a strong record of delivering projects with low cost and high efficiency. Working with the largest energy engineering, procurement, and construction companies (EPC), Sun Africa maximizes economic value by selecting optimal electrical generating components, negotiating local contracts, maintenance, and real-time monitoring of the project site.


Identify strategic locations

Conduct solar insolation studies

Perform studies of electric grid proximity for interconnection

Identify environmental and zoning regulations

Provide financial assessments


Prepare and negotiate stakeholder agreements

Secure Power Purchase Agreements

Coordinate and acquire necessary permits


Engage in the procurement of materials and equipment

Tender and select to subcontractors

Provide and secure logistics

Supervise construction


Assessment of production reports

Optimize daily performance

Perform scheduled maintenance


In construction

In development


Equivalent to carbon sequestered by almost 350 acres of forest in one year.


acres of forest

Equivalent to removing greenhouse gas emissions that would be produced by driving 1,044,694 km.


kilometers by a car

41 solar projects under construction or operating where Sun Africa was the lead or originating developer.


solar projects

Working with Sun Africa


The international environment of Sun Africa LLC allows us
to gain a diverse perspective on everything we do. Not only
do we learn more about the environments in which we work,
but we have broad experiences throughout our company.