Harnessing the power of the sun to change our world.

With a number of solar projects already developed and in progress, Sun Africa is leading the charge of delivering clean energy solutions to Africa.

The Angola Solar Project

We’re helping Angola strengthen the national electricity system, diversify the energy matrix, and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. The Angola Solar Project includes seven utility-scale projects, including one installation that is the largest utility-scale solar installation in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Angola landscape

The Angola Southern Provinces Project

In four southern provinces of Angola, we’re deploying 728 MW of utility-scale solar PV, solar minigrids with battery storage, home power kits, and potable water. This $2 billion project is our second large-scale solar project in Angola and will provide electrification to more than two million people.

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Landscape with solar panels

Nigeria: Utility-Scale Solar for NDPHC

This transformative project promotes widespread electrification, local job creation, and knowledge and technology transfers. It includes approximately one Gigawatt of utility-scale solar power generation, battery storage, distribution infrastructure, and an advanced grid asset management system.

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Solar panel installation

Nigeria: Minigrids & Solar Cabins for NDPHC

In some of the most remote corners of Nigeria, we’re installing over 200 minigrids and solar cabins. Together, they’ll bring clean, reliable, affordable energy to rural communities that are far from the national grid and have never had access to electricity before.

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Africa rooftops

Nigeria: Solar Cabin Pilot Project for NDPHC

We’re constructing a solar cabin pilot system in a rural, off-grid location near Abuja. This modular “plug-and-play” solar power generation and storage solution will provide 30 KWp of solar and 81 kWh of energy storage. Once installed, around 700 people in the Kaida community will gain access to electricity.

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Top view of a solar cabin

This is just the beginning.

Each one of our projects is a step toward an Africa with a more diversified energy matrix, stronger national grids, and easier access to clean, affordable energy. From solar PV to minigrids, we’re proud of what we’ve done. And we’re just as excited to keep working with ambitious partners to reshape Africa together.

Large solar panel installation