The Angola Solar Project

Brightening Angola’s future.

When Angola wanted to strengthen their national electricity system, diversify their energy matrix, and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, they turned to Sun Africa. The result is the Angola Solar Project, the largest renewable energy project in Sub-Saharan Africa. It creates 370 MWs of renewable energy and prevents the emission of 935,953 tons of carbon (CO) per year. Sun Africa initiated this project, developed it, and arranged financing.

Achieving economic and environmental goals.

This project is the centerpiece of Angola’s efforts to replace thermal power stations, displace expensive diesel usage from generators, and reduce pollution. Diversifying Angola’s energy matrix, this project utilizes cutting-edge clean energy technology that will pay dividends for decades to come.

Lifting up rural communities.

While Sub-Saharan Africa as a whole is facing the lowest level of access to electricity worldwide, rural areas in particular are facing the most challenges. Between 60-70 percent of business owners in the region say that a lack of power is the number one factor restricting their growth.

The Angola Solar Project creates new opportunities for Angolan communities that will no longer be forced to rely on and pay for gasoline or diesel generators. Each one of the five projects that comprises the Angola Solar Project will supply the needs of 500,000 Angolan homes, mainly in rural areas.

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At 188.88 MWdc, the Biopio site in Benguela is the largest single solar PV project in Sub-Saharan Africa.
This site in Benguela, Benguela, is the only other project in the Sub-Saharan region in the 100MW range, outside of South Africa.
This project in Saurimo, Lunda Sul, will supply power to over 34,000 households in the region.
This project in Luena, Moxico, will supply power to over 35,000 households in the region.
This project in Cuito, Bié will supply power to over 19,000 households in the region.
This project in Bailundo, Huambo will be an isolated hybrid minigrid, which will save money for the state and for the residents who depend on small scale dirty generators.
This project in Lucapa, Lunda Norte, includes a 5.46 MWac Photovoltaic (PV) solar and associated transmission interconnection infrastructure.
Sun Africa was awarded the prestigious "ECA/DFI-backed deal of the year" by "TXF Perfect 10" for Sun Africa's 370 MW solar PV project in Angola. Sun Africa initiated this project, developed it, and arranged long-term financing.
By the numbers

Making an impact in Angola

188.8 MW generated by the largest PV solar power plant in Sub-Saharan Africa
1,000,000 Angolans will have access to clean, renewable energy
935,953 tons of carbon emissions will be prevented per year
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