Nigeria: Minigrids & Solar Cabins for NDPHC

Delivering clean power to more places.

We’re helping rural communities throughout Nigeria by installing over 200 minigrids and solar cabins in locations where utility-scale solar isn’t feasible. Together, these installations will bring clean, reliable, affordable energy to 18 states throughout Nigeria that have never had reliable access to electricity before. Each minigrid will provide up to 6,000 kWp, while solar cabins will provide between 50 kWp and 200 kWp each – all without requiring the costly step of expanding the national grid.

Building a more flexible future.

If you want to picture our solar cabin, think of a 40ft prefabricated structure like a shipping container topped by a solar panel. ​​As part of a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, Sun Africa is installing a pilot cabin in an off-grid rural location near Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. The pilot cabin, which is being donated to NDPHC, will provide access to electricity for small businesses and domestic users alike, who will save money on energy while eliminating the need to purchase kerosene, candles, wood, and fuel.

Lifting up Nigeria’s people.

People’s health, well-being, and economic standings will improve in every neighborhood where a solar cabin is placed. In addition to the long-term job creation that comes with Sun Africa solar installations, solar cabins will power homes, clinics, schools, irrigation systems, water purifiers, and small businesses. Entire communities will enjoy the health benefits of reduced air pollution along with the economic benefit of not spending as much on kerosene, candles, wood, and fuel.

Providing more ways to be productive.

Smaller scale solar projects that are more agile and flexible offer various benefits for rural communities. Access to electricity will allow students to study for more hours, while providing new opportunities for starting and expanding businesses, including shops, restaurants, hair salons, phone charging stations, and telecom providers.

When all is said and done, Sun Africa will be the driving force behind just under 250 Solar minigrids and solar cabins throughout some of Nigeria’s most rural communities.

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Sun Africa is installing solar cabins in some of the most remote corners of Nigeria, bringing clean, reliable, affordable energy to rural communities that are far from the national grid.
Solar cabins provide between 50 kWp and 200 kWp of clean energy each, all without requiring the costly step of expanding the national grid.
Solar cabins will power homes, clinics, schools, irrigation systems, water purifiers, and small businesses, leading to long-term job creation and reduced pollution.
An agreement was recently signed between the Nigerian government and Sun Africa to install solar energy production systems in a dozen localities poorly served by the national electricity network.
Sun Africa CEO Adam Cortese meets with Angola President Muhammadu Buhari.
Sun Africa signed an agreement with President Buhari, helping Nigeria achieve its goal to reduce the gap in access to electricity between the country’s urban and rural areas.
The Nigeria utility-scale solar project will enable the implementation of numerous renewable energy projects, creating an extension of the national electricity grid to underserved states.
By the numbers

Making an impact throughout rural Nigeria

200+ solar minigrids owned by rural co-ops
50+ solar cabins and solar home systems
18 states throughout Nigeria will receive installations
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